Room to Breathe at Galloway Lands

Endless trails, breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife

Our Promise

We’re committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of the Galloway Lands and have worked through a deliberate long-term master plan that will protect the environment and set this neighbourhood apart. A keen regard for nature and a strong emphasis on preservation respects the natural environment while allowing for the creation of a unique residential community.


Dedication of Land back to the Community

Of the 457 acres of the private land we own, we are proposing to transfer 51% – or 232 acres – to a conservation organization to additionally preserve the environment and maintain recreational trails.

Balanced Development will benefit Environment and Community

Following a number of extensive environmental studies, we are confident and committed to ensuring that environmental protection, recreational opportunities and a new neighbourhood will work together.

Enhancing Recreational Opportunities for all to Enjoy

We know residents treasure the summer and winter trails on the Galloway Lands. We are working with respected local recreation groups to ensure the multi-use trails are thoughtfully managed into the future.

We Listened

We’re proud to share our vision for Galloway Lands and showcase the changes we’ve made to our vision following an extensive public engagement process.

It’s important to know that 50% percent of the of the existing open space is preserved through park zoning and a further 20% will be part of no build areas allowing for the ongoing protection of wildlife habitat and the recreational trail network.