Doing right because we live here too

Local developer committed to sustainability in Elk Valley

“As a resident of Elk Valley, I am committed to building a sustainable neighbourhood that will add to the beauty and livability of our amazing region. That’s our commitment to you.”

Reto Barrington, Handshake Holdings President
We are privileged to live the beautiful Elk Valley. It’s our aim to build a community that operates in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. We’re committed to ensuring that environmental protection, recreational opportunities and a new neighbourhood will work together.

Did you know?

Since April 2021, we have been engaging with our neighbours and experts on our vision for this special area. Here’s a snapshot of our engagement (or attempted engagement) so far: 

We also held two Open House presentations on March 30 and April 1, 2023, which attracted over 100 people. The feedback was polite and focused on environmental protection, affordable housing, and access. We listened to what was said about our plan and are pleased to introduce a number of proposed changes to our plan. These include: